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Welcome to Swan Lane Yoga.

In response to the recommendations for Covid19 all Yoga Classes and Treatments are suspended until further notice.

However we will be posting some videos on our private YouTube account.

You can access these videos by

Text or Call Carmel 0868162654

emailing or if you are not already registered with us you can fill out the registration form 


Monday7:00pm General Yoga ClassArdboyne Hotel Navan.
Tuesday10:00am General Yoga ClassThe Crea Centre,
Drumbaragh, Kells.
Wednesday10am General Yoga ClassKenpo Karate Academy, Mill St. Trim
Wednesday7.00pm Pregnancy YogaKenpo Karate Academy, Mill St. Trim
Wednesday8.15pmGeneral Yoga ClassKenpo Karate Academy, Mill St. Trim
General Yoga classes are suitable for all levels, both beginners and the more experienced. During each class we will explore different Yoga postures or Asana as well as breathing and relaxation techniques in a non-competitive welcoming environment.
Please contact me for further information,

Carmel has a 500hr certification in Hatha Yoga plus qualifications in the following:

Pregnancy Yoga,

Yoga for Cancer Care

Yoga for Sport

All qualifications issued from Yoga Therapy Ireland.

Carmel is  also a trained therapist in Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone Massage.  She has qualifications in Pregnancy Reflexology, Reflexology for Cancer Care,  Infant/Baby Massage, Mindfulness Meditation and The Art of Stillness in the Classroom.

She has continued her continuing personal development (CPD) by attending courses with Brian Ingle Somatics, Sharon Salzberg, Esther Ekhart, Nico Luce, Bruce Chung, Anthony Kearney, David Curtis, James Higgins, Katy Appleton, Aoife Kane, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Sue Flamm, Dagmar Khan, Chris Stormer, Wendy Teasdill, David Olton, Howard Napper, and  Ruth White. She holds regular classes in Navan, Trim and Kells and has worked in The Rutland Centre and Tabor House.

“I am dedicated to the concept of holistic health care and to a proactive and preventative approach to health, fitness and wellbeing. My Yoga classes focus on learning physical postures or Asana and breathing techniques or Pranayama as well as meditation practices. I believe Yoga is a lifelong journey, a process of integrating and balancing body, mind and spirit leading to peace, harmony and self awareness. I have discovered for myself that the daily practice of hatha yoga helps alleviate many of the symptoms of stress and anxiety which are so prevalent in daily life. My interest and love of Yoga has enhanced my own life and opened me up to the experience of true joy and peace.”