Here are some of our frequently asked questions about pregnancy or pre-natal yoga. Please contact me if you have a question that I haven’t covered here.

When can I start pregnancy yoga?

It is advisable to commence classes after the first trimester (14 weeks after conception)


Should I consult my doctor before joining a class ?

Yes, if you are unsure that the exercises will be suitable for you or if you have any health symptoms.


What should I bring to the class ?

Bring a pillow and a yoga mat if you have one – I usually have some spares if needed.

Wear loose comfortable clothing.


Can I join if I have never done yoga before ?

Yes. Most women take up yoga for the first time during pregnancy. The practices done in the class are specifically designed for pregnant women, regardless of whether or not they have done yoga before.

All are welcome including beginners and the more experienced.

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