Hatha Yoga – Testimonial

24th October 2012


 I have been a student of Carmel for the past several years and I have benefited enormously from her teaching. As a result I return to her classes again and again and have discovered in myself, under her guidance, a great passion for yoga and also for other associated disciplines and practices.


Carmel is a dedicated proponent of Hatha Yoga. Her approach is a holistic one and she encourages her students to aim for balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit. Her philosophy centers on the idea that yoga is a way of life and this is at the heart of her teaching strategy. Her qualifications are impressive and she is constantly honing her expertise and adding to her range of skills. Her teaching style is practical, gentle and calm. However, she is also extremely kind and compassionate and so is much beloved and respected by her students as we see her not just as a teacher and mentor but often also as a friend and advisor.

Carmel is an outstanding exponent of the discipline of yoga. As an experienced teacher she promotes a friendly and relaxed environment in which to practice and she is especially gifted at managing groups of students with differing levels of experience and physical ability. She encourages us all to aim for a high level of proficiency but stresses that this should be achieved gradually and according to ability.

This sensitivity to individual needs is undoubtedly one of her greatest attributes as a teacher and is fundamental to her success in creating very harmonious and relaxed surroundings in which to learn and progress.

She has a warm and generous personality and a lovely sense of humour which adds that little bit of ‘fun’ to all her interactions.


Cathy Ardill

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